Water Tubing Tips Boat Safety Tips for Water Sports Tubing

zxcvThe next time you or your family decide to go out boat tubing, keep these boating safety and water sports tubing tips in mind to make sure your experience is safe and enjoyable:

  1. Always wear a PFD
    While it’s always a good idea to wear a PFD (personal flotation device) when onboard, it should go without saying that you should wear a life jacket when water tubing. This is especially important in the event that the rider should become separated from the boat.
  2. Know your equipment
    Be familiar with the capabilities of your water sports tubing equipment. It’s important to follow to the manufacturer’s recommendations for water tubing capacity in terms of size and weight, number of riders, age limits, and maximum towing speed.
  3. Know your rider
    It’s also important to use common sense when it comes to the capability of your rider, especially when water sports tubing with small children. While sharp turns, high speeds, and big waves can be fun, these should never come at the expense of rider safety.
  4. Use a spotter
    Designate one person onboard as a “spotter”, who can keep a lookout for water tubing accidents

How Efficient Is Your Swimming

zmA study by DARPA, the Pentagon’s research wing, showed that human swimmers are only 3-percent efficient—as compared to the 80-percent efficiency of dolphins. In other words, dolphins convert 80 percent of energy expenditures into forward motion; in contrast humans divert 97 percent of energy into moving around in the water and moving the water around.

But the subjects in that study weren’t even the least efficient swimmers. They at least could swim well enough to participate and all probably thought their swimming was decent.

It’s also been estimated that elite swimmers are between 9 percent and 10 percent efficient. This is far better than the rest of us, but still way short of the efficiency of land athletes (nordic skiers, runners, cyclists) which can be as high as 36 percent.

Most of us are in a somewhat nebulous middle. Is it possible to estimate your own efficiency? Are you 4 percent efficient. Six percent? Maybe even 8 percent?

I’ve done a thought exercise to estimate my own efficiency. I estimate that I was probably around 5 percent efficient 20 years ago, as I

Turn Your Workouts From Good to Better to Great

zxsHave you been doing the same workouts over and over again? Want to make your workouts better? How about great?

When you consider the array of running workouts and paces and how it all relates to your training program, you practically need a Ph.D. to understand it all. Don’t worry; a few changes to your training will make you run stronger and better than ever before.

Tempo Runs

Tempo workouts increase your ability to hold a hard pace by targeting your acidosis (lactate) threshold, an important physiological marker that represents your fastest sustainable aerobic pace.

Good: A 3-mile run over rolling terrain with many changes in pace.
If you’re a beginner, this is a good workout to get you used to more varied paces.

Better: Run 4 to 5 x 1 mile on flat terrain at tempo pace with one-minute rest.
For intermediate to advanced runners, this workout will specifically improve your ability to hold a hard pace. The rest periods of the interval-style format offer a physical and psychological break.

Great: Run 3

Hockey for Heroes: truly inspirational

Ever since it was launched back in October 2007, the British charity Help for Heroes has raised money to help to improve facilities for wounded members of the British armed forces. Eager to support the cause, dozens of affiliated groups have sprung up to raise funds for various aspects of the charity’s work, but few areas are as inspirational as the Sports Recovery programme.


Image Credit

Each year Help for Heroes puts on around 350 events covering as many as 50 different sports, enabling more than 2,000 wounded service personnel and veterans to take part in specially-adapted sporting events. Fundraising is crucial to the Sports Recovery effort and one group that has been at the forefront of the fundraising machine is the team known as Hockey for Heroes.


Since 2012 the Hockey for Heroes team has been involved in a series of extreme sports challenges, including playing 33 matches – a whole season’s worth − and completing the Three Peaks Challenge by scaling Scafell Pike, Ben Nevis and Snowdon in the space of just 10 days.

The squad, which has already raised thousands for the charity, embarks on a big tour

Know Your Sports Court With Complete Information

The sports and its related activities are becoming very popular amongst the youngsters. This is because; the different types not only give them pleasure but are also effective on health terms. There are various types of indoor games like Ludo, Carrom, Chess, and many similar. In addition to this, there are various types of outdoor sports that are widely enjoyed and appreciated. The outdoor sports involve lots of energy on the sportsmen’s end. The person has to be very energetic and needs to be alert at the same time. Further, to ensure best of the enjoyment by the players, it is advisable to place abiding all the rules and guidelines.

At times the climatic factors become the big hindrance between the sports and the players. Removing this hindrance, some of the sports experts have found ways to convert these sports into indoor and let the sports lovers enjoy. Generally, these indoor spaces are regarded as the training grounds. These grounds or say flooring need to be highly durable, designed as per the original ground and should meet the standard sizes and dimensions. Thus, today, one can enjoy badminton, basketball, etc. indoor, irrespective of the climatic hindrances.

If we talk about badminton courts,

The Sport Tape for Your Problems

Sports men and women experience injuries during training sessions or at competition time. Some of these injuries can be managed as the sports person continue to participate in the event.

The tapes used by sports persons are referred to as sport tape. These tapes have different shapes and designs to enable them work well in their specified area of use. Some of the commonly used sport tapes and their areas of preference use are:

Zinc Oxide tapes which are made of cotton, rayon and an adhesive filled with Zinc oxide. It is commonly used to prevent the knee or ankle from twisting or rolling respectively. A sports person nursing injuries on the knee or ankle would use the Zinc oxide tapes to support the knee or ankle.

Crepe bandage which is commonly used by boxers. This tape is padded and so used to wrap the hand of a boxer. It gives protection to the hand as well as support.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tapes are also used by sportsmen. They have many uses and are generally preferred for quick fixes like in marking Badminton court.

Athletic tear tape which is also commonly known as Tear Light Elastic Adhesive Bandage works like the Elastic

Qatar Bowling Centre – Taking Life the Easy Way

After a long hard day’s work or an even longer week of tiresome worries, what is better than spending time with friends and family? If you are in Doha, Qatar and looking for a fun time for people of all ages, the Qatar Bowling Centre can certainly be the place you are looking for.

The Bowling Centre comes equipped with 32 synthetic bowling lanes and automatic setters to entertain all levels of fans of 10 pin bowling. The younger fans (less than 8 years of age) can try their hand at the sport in the spacious 4 bumper lanes especially set aside for them. If this activity is not to your taste then try billiards, foosball, table tennis or the many video games in the arcade.

There is sure to be some activity for everyone in the family. The centre is also popular with corporate and professional bowling teams and hosts many bowling competitions. The relaxed atmosphere and competitive games are great for promoting fellowship within corporate teams. If you do not have a team of your own, join one of the leagues to practice your skill and put it to the test. For those looking for a more rigorous workout than

Brunswick Has the Coolest Mens Shoes for Bowling Hands Down

The company that rhymes with bowling has been a leader in the bowling bags market followed closely by Storm for years but they weren’t among the major players in the bowling shoes business for a long time.

Then something happened two or three years ago. Brunswick fired the old management and put new faces in charge of their shoes business and it seems to be working. The new lines of shoes sell like hotcakes and catapulted the company to the N2 position among all US manufacturers.

One thing I have to mention though is that they don’t have a high-end shoe which I consider a disadvantage.

But let’s take a look at each particular shoe

1. The Flyer – available in black or white only. This is the cheapest shoe in men’s line and sells for $35.95.

Being a shoe for beginners it has a surprising number of features – non-marking soles, textile lines with padded tongue and color as well as man-made upper.


2. For four dollars more you could get the second least expensive shoe in the line – the Mariner. It comes with the Brunswick excusive Komfort-Fit construction and FlexSlide technology.

3. The Clipper –

Basketball Camps For Boys Is Here With A Golden Opportunity

Attending a basketball camp can be a really big opportunity for your kid even if he is not interested in perusing it as a career. These places are run by people who are very much passionate about the game and are willing to provide the kids with the best possible experience. The most important part of these Basketball camps for boys is that all the kids will have to stay, train and play together for weeks. This way they will not only learn to mix and interact with others but will also be a team player and learn leadership skills.

Meeting The New Kids

Such interactions and encounters with other players and experienced coaches will also bring confidence in your child. This confidence will surely boost his energy, and he will start performing great in his school team. Also staying with so many kids and reputed coaches and learning the various tricks as well as ethics of the game will help in building a strong character of your child. The Houston Basketball Trainer will share their experience with the campers so that they can get an idea of how it is played professionally.

Learning The Game

Experience Exciting Rock Climbing From The Beginning

Rock climbing is a very complex activity to perform in outdoor environment but it is easy with right practice, right information, rope work, training, classes and more. It is also something like skydiving having a common element as danger. In these days rock climbing becomes very easier and many outdoor rock climbers are coming from gyms with perfect practice and all.

For beginners this rock climbing activity is little bit tough and danger because some challenges has to face while climbing. Most importantly for any beginner want to find others who shares the interest. So simply visit the indoor gyms without shy and learn more and more on how to climb the peaks easily.

When to Go for Rock Climbing?

One of the best months is September, which is perfect for rock climbing because the weather is most stable. Warming temperatures and lengthening days make this a fine time to climb. This will allow for mostly the snow free trails down low and allowing for great travel. Also, the weather is much more stable as the summer matures.

Equipment’s to be taken

Climbing Shoes:

The important equipment is a pair of climbing shoes. You can easily climb the larger rocks with the increase in design of

Tasmania Fishing For Experience of Variety of Tastes

There are several types of fishes that can be found in Australia. Tasmania is an Australian island and state, it is located at 240 kilometers south of the continent. It is also called as 26th most populous island in the world. A variety of creatures and natural beauty can be seen on this island. Fishing can be a great fun in island. You can find good verities on island in fishes; you can arrange an outing with your friends to have some good and natural time in Australia.

There are of course many companies working to arrange picnics on island, you can contact any company and they will set tour fishing Tasmania for your enjoyment. Fishing can only be enjoyed in a team or group of friends. In fishing you can learn many things such as you can improve your decision power by concentrating on your tasks in fishing Tasmania. You can get a better experience of team work in this sport. In fact you can learn how to manage team tasks with friends.


Some professional companies always try to get their employees on tour fishing Tasmania so that they can have a

Discover Benefits of Complete Scooters With Fun Accessories For Your Style

For the beginners, freestyle scooters form the best choice with a wide range of scooters available depending upon their needs, requirements and comfort. Freestyle scooters come up with a number of advantages that make them far better than the motor vehicles. These are suitable for people of all age group be it athlete or a non-athlete. These are effective tool for weight loss, preventing back pain and strengthening the muscles. Freestyle scooters put minimum pressure on the joints and spine thus making it best to ride anytime. Apart from this, these scooters are easily accessible with no maintenance cost, acquiring very less space inside or outside your house.

If you wish to own a scooter that has its own unique design, style and skill, then Grit scooter could be your choice. These form the forefront option in the category of free style scooters, with raw materials that are of highest grade. Grit scooters make a good combination with pre scooter accessories. On the other hand, Globber scooters are in order to redefine your outdoor fun. It is especially designed for the kids so that they can play outside, go around and enjoy the experience of freestyle riding

Become A Boxing Pro With High Quality Leather Gloves

“If there’s magic in boxing, it’s the magic of fighting battles beyond endurance, beyond cracked ribs, ruptured kidneys, and detached retinas. It’s the magic of risking everything for a dream that nobody sees but you”. These lines have been adapted from a famous Hollywood flick, “Million Dollar Baby”, starring Hilary Swank as the main protagonist. A lot of boxing enthusiasts can certainly relate with this small town girl, who had bigger plans for her life and dreamt of becoming a boxing pro. Unlike other sports, the joy of boxing is vested with nerve-wrecking and spinae-chilling hits and blows. To make a successful fighter, you should strip down your opponent and make him or her feel weak in the stomach. Well, every sport is incomplete without proper gear and accessories. You cannot think of fighting without your fighiting gloves. Also, it is imperative to carry your fighting gloves, before you enter the cage.


If you are a fighting enthusiast, you can certainly recall few fighting icons such as Ronda Rousey, Randy Couture, BJ Penn, Gina Carano, Bas Rutten, Chuck Liddell, Cung Le, Rampage Jackson and Wanderlei Silva, etc. All of these

What You Need To Know For Your First Paintball Experience

The first paintball experience is usually thrilling for everybody. If you too are a beginner for this sport, be ready for a challenge that you are never going to forget.

As a new player, there is a chance that you might lose the game if you play against the experienced players without any proven tips. Therefore, if you want to seriously battle with them in the field, you must know the basic paintballs tips from the very first.

Here you go, learn 5 special proven tips listed below so you can play like a commando:

1. Remove the paintball fear

The first thing that might come into your mind before playing paintball is the fear of getting hurt of being hit by the paint.

Some paintball beginners are so anxious about it that they keep hiding behind the tree to avoid the pain. But let me tell you that it hurts less than you think. It’s just about a little sting that stays for a second or two.

You will soon forget the pain and resume fun of the game. Hiding is certainly not impressive when you are in the battlefield.

What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Cycling

The benefits of a good ride are immediate. Within 24 hours, your blood pressure drops, your blood sugar improves, your metabolism burns hotter, and your mood gets better. Long term, the positive hits just keep coming as you get fitter, faster, and healthier. Everyone needs a rest day now and then, but rack your bike for too long and those hard earned benefits slip away—some, almost immediately. Here are some really good reasons to keep on rolling.

When you stop riding…

…That day

Your mood sails south. Within minutes of starting exercise, neural activity lights up your brain like a slot machine on full tilt, which not only builds your brain (literally), but also improves your mood. Brain chemistry researcher J. David Glass of Kent State University reports that the minute lab rats hop on their wheels and start running, they get a 100- to 200-percent increase in serotonin, the same brain chemical antidepressants signal to improve wellbeing and fight depression. Deny your body that fix for even a day and your mood will slump, particularly during a stressful day when you need the release and lift most. Your metabolism stagnates. Riding revs your metabolism

Walking vs Running Whats Best for You

There are many reasons why people start running: to stay slim, boost energy, or snag that treadmill next to our longtime gym crush (please follow our gym etiquette tips before making any moves though).

Running can help keep the heart healthy, improve mood, and stave off sickness; plus recent studies have found running is a great way to lose and maintain weight. But research suggests going full speed isn’t the only route to good health.

Now Walk (or Run?) It Out—The Need-to-Know

While walking can provide many of the same health benefits associated with running, recent research suggests running may be the better bet for those looking to shed some pounds.

Unsurprisingly, people expend two-and-a-half times more energy running than walking, whether that’s on the track or on the treadmill. So for a 160-pound person, running burns about 800 calories an hour compared to about 300 calories walking. And that equates to a pretty sizeable slice of pizza (who doesn’t love cheat day rewards?).

More interesting, a recent study found that even when runners and walkers expended equal amounts of energy (meaning walkers spent more time exercising and covered greater

How does a soccer ball swerve Smoothness of a balls surface in addition to playing technique is a critical factor

It happens every four years: The World Cup begins and some of the world’s most skilled players carefully line up free kicks, take aim — and shoot way over the goal.

The players are all trying to bend the ball into a top corner of the goal, often over a wall of defensive players and away from the reach of a lunging goalkeeper. Yet when such shots go awry in the World Cup, a blame game usually sets in. Players, fans, and pundits all suggest that the new official tournament ball, introduced every four years, is the cause.

Many of the people saying that may be seeking excuses. And yet scholars do think that subtle variations among soccer balls affect how they fly. Specifically, researchers increasingly believe that one variable really does differentiate soccer balls: their surfaces. It is harder to control a smoother ball, such as the much-discussed “Jabulani” used at the 2010 World Cup. The new ball used at this year’s tournament in Brazil, the “Brazuca,” has seams that are over 50 percent longer, one factor that makes the ball less smooth and apparently more predictable in flight.

“The details

Overweight or obese people breathe more air pollutants

Overweight or obese adults can breathe 7-50% more air per day than an adult with healthy weight does, which makes them more vulnerable to air contaminants causing asthma and other pulmonary diseases, according to a study by Dr. Pierre Brochu, a professor at Université de Montréal’s School of Public Health. For overweight or obese children, daily inhalation rates are 10-24% higher than for normal weight children.

The findings were recently published in the international journal Risk Analysis.

Obese class 2 people have the highest average air inhalation, or 24.6 m3 per day. “That’s 8.2 m3 more than the 16.4 m3 an average adult with normal weight breathes daily, or 50% more air and pollutants,” Dr. Brochu explained. Obese Class 2 people are adults whose weight is between 35 and 40 kilos for each square metre of their body. The classification of overweight/obese children is different than those for adults. Air contaminants — including ammonia, sulphur dioxide, ozone, and nitrogen dioxide, to name a few — are respiratory irritants.

More oxygen needed than for some athletes

If overweight or obese people inhale more air compared to those with normal weight, does this mean that elite athletes may

Running with prosthetic lower limbs Advantage or disadvantage

Researchers at Bournemouth University have been looking at the impact of lower-limb prosthetics on competitive running, specifically looking at whether athletes with prosthesis are at an unfair advantage when running against athletes without prosthetics.

The last two Olympic Games in both Beijing and London have had some controversy attached to them regarding the role of prosthetic limbs used by athletes with a lower-limb amputation.

In 2008, South African Oscar Pistorius ran against able-bodied athletes and obtained an Olympic Qualification time in the 400m. In 2012, he changed the way disability is viewed by the world by participating in both the Olympic and Paralympic Games in the same year. Controversy surrounds the impact of the prosthetic limb technology used by lower-limb amputees. Hossein Hassani, a researcher at Bournemouth University involved in the project, said on behalf of his colleagues, “These prostheses typically involve the use of composite ‘c’ or ‘j’ shaped prostheses and whilst often dubbed ‘Cheetahs’ by the media, are merely a form of energy storage and return springs.”

Previous research has looked at how this technology is perceived by the sports stakeholders and through applying basic engineering principles how it could

Supplement Plan for Riding Infographic

Whether you’re taking a spin around the neighborhood or prepping for a century ride, carbohydrates fuel your pedal stroke. For any cyclist, it’s important to know the optimal number of carbs to consume as it relates to the amount of time you stay in the saddle and construct a fueling strategy. In this helpful infographic originally published in The Pain-Free Cyclist, Matt Rabin and Robert Hicks assist you in determining the amount of supplements to consume during your next ride.

For longer rides over a few hours, sports drinks, gels and bars are very effective at getting carbohydrates and fluids into your body. All products display their carbohydrate content on their packaging so it’s easy to work out how much you need an hour and prepare accordingly.

Sports drink 600 ml of 6-8 percent carbohydrate drink: 50 g carbohydrate
Typical energy bar: 25 g of carbohydrate
Typical energy gel: 20 g of carbohydrate

Bikes and Booze How Alcohol Affects Your Ride

Back in the early years of the Tour de France, riders famously washed down their baguettes with liberal slugs of beer and wine. While that might not be par for the course for today’s pro peloton, wine tours, booze cruises, and “hand ups” are still common in the sport. Everyone knows you shouldn’t ride drunk. But how does a drink or two affect your ride?

More: The Truth About Alcohol and Cycling

“Not very positively,” says Brian R. Christie, PhD, neuroscience program director at University of Victoria in British Columbia. Beer is high in carbohydrates, and while we burn carbs for energy, alcoholic beverages aren’t ideal sources of them. “We naturally produce small amounts of alcohol everyday from fermentation of food products in the gut,” Christie says, “and because of this we’ve evolved to metabolize ethanol. But there is a cost.”

The cost, of course, depends on how many Solo cups you drain. But consuming alcoholic beverages, even in moderation, may impair your training. Here’s what happens as you tip the contents of that cup, can, or bottle into your tank.

Belly irritation: Alcohol acts as a gastrointestinal (GI) irritant, causing inflammation encouraging excess